A Bangor man broke his leg when his snowmobile was involved in a crash with a moose Friday evening.

Bruce Saucier, 44, was part of a group of three snowmobilers who encountered the moose west of Greenville on on Interconnecting Trail System (ITS) 110.

At around 6 p.m., the lead rider -- Alex Giebitz, 27, from East Berne, New York --observed a moose in the trail and managed to avoid the animal. The second rider -- Juan Fernandez, 33, from Almond, New York -- collided with the moose, causing considerable damage to the machine, killing the animal. Saucier, the third rider attempted to stop and avoid both the moose and second rider but crashed into the rear of the second machine. The impact broke Saucier's right leg..

Saucier managed to drive his snowmobile from the scene with a fractured leg back to their camp in Elliotsville more than eight miles away from the scene of the crash.

Saucier was then taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor by private vehicle.

All three men were wearing helmets. Game Warden Kevin Pelkey investigated the crash and issued a permit to the men to keep the moose.

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