Weather forecasters are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Jose as it slides up the east coast. Current projections by the national weather service predict that it will be a tropical storm by mid-week and will likely affect mainly the southern parts of Maine with some rain and gusty winds. But if that track shifts, it could bring some heavier rain, higher winds, and localized minor flooding to a larger portion of the state. Some folks, particularly in southern Maine, have started to prepare by pulling their boats out of the water a little earlier than usual.

Some schools in Maine have been forced to push back the first day of class, consolidate bus routes and pay sign-on bonuses to recruit drivers due to a shortage of yellow bus drivers. School districts and bus contractors say recruiting drivers is tough because of low unemployment and poor pay and benefits. A recent survey by School Bus Fleet Magazine found 90 percent of school districts and bus contractors nationwide reported some level of shortage last year.

A Truckload of hurricane donations is headed to Florida after folks in Maine gathered some basic necessities. Members of an American Legion post in Damariscotta organized the collection of everything from cleaning supplies, paper goods, water, canned goods, pet food, and more. The truck headed out on Sunday and is expected to reach its destination on Wednesday.

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardener’s Association will host the annual celebration of rural living and local artisans known as the Common Ground Fair this Friday through Sunday. The fair in Unity presents a series of workshops and events that are geared to celebrating rural life and a marketplace of local craftsmen. Find a complete schedule of events at MOFGA dot org.

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