A man walked into the Augusta Walmart yesterday with a gun and a single shot was fired near the entrance when a good Samaritan tried to disarm him. In what police say is an unrelated incident, a woman rushed out of the store, was later treated for a medical emergency, and died. Police haven’t commented on why the man took the gun into the store in the first place.

The Maine Legislature is upholding Governor Paul LePage's veto of a bill to regulate and tax the sale of marijuana in the state. Lawmakers met on Monday evening needing a two-thirds majority to override the veto and fell short. The result means lawmakers will have to go back to the drawing board in January to craft rules about legal pot in Maine.

The Skowhegan Chamber of Commerce is apologizing for its latest promotion that involved hiding a native American figurine inside a local business, giving clues about the business on its Facebook page, and then offering discounts to the first person to find it. The BDN reports the intention of the promotion was to use a miniature of the town’s iconic statue in a fun way, but it was canceled amid a public outcry about the racial implications.

The Salvation Army’s red kettles are popping up in busy locations, as the campaign to support the many programs of the organization kicked off on Monday. The money raised by the red kettles helps the Salvation Army send kids to summer camp, serve lunch weekdays through their  soup kitchen, as well as providing heating assistance and helping families at Christmas. Folks can also donate online at red kettle reason dot org.

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