George Stevens Academy was the scene of a distracted or impaired driving accident yesterday, but it was only a simulation to demonstrate to students the importance of making good choices. The Every 15 Minutes program walks students through the whole process, using their classmates as victims and making mock notifications to their actual parents. The name comes from the fact that every 15 minutes in this county there is an alcohol or distracted related death.

Wardens in the town of Stow are looking for a bobcat that attacked a 17-year-old boy and his father. The large cat was acting strangely and showed no fear to the pair who had gone into their backyard to confirm that the animal was not a protected lynx when it suddenly lunged and bit the boy’s face before a neighbor shot at it and scared it off. The teen received several rabies shots and now wardens are looking for the cat.

Mainers are starting to notice an abundance of ticks with the warmer weather and so are reminded to take precautions and check themselves and their pets frequently. Prevention includes wearing long sleeves whenever possible and long pants that are tucked into your socks. Find more information by googling University of Maine tick lab.

Bangor Police are warning motorists that several roads will be closed for much of the day on Monday, as thousands of law enforcement personnel attend the funeral of Somerset County Sheriff’s Deputy Corporal Eugene Cole. Portions of Buck Street, Bass Park Boulevard and Main Street will be closed for a couple of hours both before and after the funeral at the Cross Insurance Center that’s scheduled for noon. Overnight parking will not be permitted at Bass park from Sunday night into Monday morning.

Jet Blue airlines, which flies out of Portland, is offering free flights to law enforcement officials nationwide who plan to come to Bangor for Corporal Cole’s funeral. Law enforcement officials can call 1-800-JETBLUE to find out more.

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