Rockland schools went into lockdown yesterday while police dealt with threats of a school shooting. Now, a man who had several high-powered rifles is in custody. Police aren’t releasing his name unless charges are filed based on the results of a medical evaluation.

A fire that swept through a home on Pine Street in Bradley has left eight people homeless. Firefighters told TV-5 that the fire started with a mattress that was leaning against a stove. Officials say the homeowner was not insured.

Despite concentrated efforts to keep it away from Maine’s forests, officials with the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry say the emerald ash borer has been found in Madawaska. The beetle that’s originally from Asia has killed hundreds of millions of ash trees in more than 30 states.

It’s human nature to want to help when people see a baby seal left all alone on a beach, a common site this time of year. But the federal government has issued a reminder that mother seals will often leave their pups alone for up to 24 hours while they look for food. Officials advise admiring the animal from afar, since getting too close can stress them out.

A firefighter’s picture has gone viral after he rescued a dog from a porch roof in Wells and was treated to some canine kisses. Wells Fire Department Captain Jeff Nawfel climbed a ladder to reach the dog that found its way onto the roof but couldn’t get back inside. Police say several concerned people called for help and then stayed with the dog until the fire department arrived.

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