Maine State Representative Karen Gerrish of Lebanon was shaken when she learned of a Facebook post from a fake news site that reported she had been found dead in a home and that guns were stolen from the residence. The page, Maine Police & Fire alerts, has been criticized for years for its manufactured and false reporting.

Lawmakers yesterday considered gubernatorial rejection of about 20 bills and overrode his veto of commercial pot sales and Narcan access legislation. They failed, however, to consider more than 100 bills before ending the special session, including bills that address Medicaid expansion, opioid treatment, school funding, and pay increases for personal care aides.

Colby College announced this week that it is rescinding the honorary degree it awarded Bill Cosby in 1992, joining numerous other universities who have done the same. Cosby was convicted last week on three counts of aggravated indecent assault and faces a prison sentence.

With the warm weather come brush fires, and firefighters in Southern Maine were busy yesterday with fires that burned over 100 acres in 24 hours. Mainers are reminded to get a burn permit before any outdoor burn, report immediately if the fire gets out of control, and extinguish cigarettes inside the vehicle instead of tossing it out the window.

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly time at Bangor Savings Bank, as they collect jars of both that will be distributed to food pantries in Maine and New Hampshire. Bank officials say they came up with the idea because peanut butter is high in protein and both have a long shelf life. The bank will add two jars to the collection for each person who takes a selfie while donating.

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