Several people were arrested during a drug raid on Pine Street in Bangor yesterday, including 44-year-old Sherry Bedard, who’s charged with aggravated trafficking in crack cocaine. The charge was elevated to aggravated because the residence is within a thousand feet of John Bapst.

An Old Town man was seriously injured when he fell from the deck of the Time Out pub in Rockland. Officials say the man was in critical condition after his fall from the 17-foot high deck on Sunday. It’s the second time this has happened, and the first man died of his injuries in 2015.

A Connecticut woman who admitted that she waited in the car while her husband robbed the TD Bank on Stillwater Avenue and the Dollar Tree store down the street, is sentenced to 33 months in jail. Cara Blewitt used to work for the bank’s branch in Connecticut before coming to Maine. Her husband, Seth Blewitt has also pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

A news conference in Augusta today will address child abuse in Maine and the deaths of two girls in recent months following abuse in their homes. Kate Perkins of the Maine Children’s Trust says efforts are made at prevention, including parent education, home visitation, and early childhood education programs.

A local church organization that not only gives out food from its own group, called Samaritan Inc., but also transports food to other food pantries so they can do the same, is fundraising for a new refrigerated  truck. The folks at Glenburn Evangelical Church told WVII-TV that it will take 30 thousand dollars to buy a new one. Find more information on the organization and how to donate at the Samaritan Inc. Facebook page.

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