Nova Scotia-based Emera Incorporated has agreed to sell its Maine holdings to a utility company out of Alberta, Canada. ENMAX will pay 959 million dollars for Emera Maine, pending regulatory approval at the state and federal level. The sale is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

Governor Mills signed a bill yesterday that extends ice fishing season in Northern Maine, where winter is still in full force. This coming weekend would normally end the season, but the new end date is Aprli 21st for northern Maine. Current rules and regulations still apply to the rest of the state.

The battle over whether to allow Native American mascots in schools continues, despite the fact that the Skowhegan School Board recently voted to retire their Indians mascot, the last in the state. A push to overturn that decision prompted a public hearing in Augusta on a measure that would ban the monikers from being allowed in public schools.

Downtown Bangor is looking for some creative gardeners for its adopt a garden program, which opened its adoption process on Saturday. Community members are invited to choose a space downtown and make it their own, by designing, planting, and maintaining a garden space there. Get more information on the Downtown Bangor Facebook page.

A couple dining at the Silver Street Tavern in Waterville showed their appreciation for the waitstaff by leaving a 2 thousand dollar tip on a 48 dollar bill. Their waitress said they were easy to wait on, but the man complained someone had taken his wine glass. When he asked for the manager, she feared he would complain, but later found out that he’d instructed the manager to divide the tip up among all the waiters and waitresses.


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