A couple enjoying a Waterville eatery surprised the waitstaff by leaving a $2,000 tip on a $48 bill.

Waitress Samantha Clark told the Morning Sentinel that it was a typical night at work, and she didn't think anything of it when her coworker asked her to take over one of his tables at the Silver Street Tavern and Restaurant. She said the couple was nice, although there were some things wrong with their table. The man claimed, at one point, that someone had taken his wine glass by mistake.

When they were done eating, the man asked to speak to the manager. Clark was afraid he was going to complain, but got the manager, who asked that the couple's bill be transferred to the bar so he could cash them out himself.

After the couple left, the manager said it was one of the coolest conversations he ever had with customers. Their bill came to $48, but they added a $2,000 tip, requesting that the money be split up among all the waitstaff. Clark says she doesn't know why the older couple decided to be so generous, but is grateful, saying she plans to use her share to help with her tuition.

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