No one was seriously injured when a car struck the Best Buy building in Bangor and several people in the parking lot. Police say the driver lost control of the car after what’s believed to have been a mechanical failure. Damage to the building and the few people who were grazed by the car were said to be minor.

There will be an increased police presence at Oceanside High school in Rockland today, after police say threatening statements were made over the weekend. An adult male has been arrested for terrorizing. Police told WABI-TV that there’s no danger to the school.

Mainers are struggling to adjust to the time change with Daylight Savings Time, but fire officials say it’s important to remember to also change the batteries in smoke detectors. Since those batteries should be changed twice a year, it’s a good reminder to do it when the clocks are adjusted. Anyone who doesn’t have working detectors should contact their town office for help in getting them.

It’s expected to be a great year for one of Maine’s most significant fisheries, as Asian fishermen are seeing a poor harvest for elvers this year. Maine is the only U.S. State with a significant fishery for the baby eels that are sole for about thirteen-hundred dollars a pound to Asian Aquaculture companies. The elver fishing season begins on March 22nd.

The Maine Credit Union League will announce today a new one-hundred thousand dollar commitment to ending hunger in the state, while working with the Good Shepherd Food Bank. The money will help fund a huge renovation and expansion project at the new Greater Bangor Region Distribution Center in Hampden. Since 1990, the MCUL has raised 8 million dollars through its campaign for ending hunger .

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