The state medical examiner says a Bar Harbor teen died of blunt force trauma and strangulation, and could be seen on video surveillance from the elementary school being forcibly thrown over the shoulder of the man accused of killing her and, a few hours later, being dragged, lifeless, from some bushes outside the school. Jalique Keene says he and Mikaela Conley were intimate that evening and then he left her alone at the school. He’s charged with murder.

The ballots from last week’s election are in Augusta and the ranked choice voting system could enter its next round as early as today as the races that didn’t have a majority winner last week will now be tabulated. Additional voting rounds will eliminate the last-place finishers, and those voters’ second choice selections reallocated. It could be several days to determine the winners.

Governor LePage wants the state to establish psychiatric residences for children, that would be a step-down from psychiatric hospitals. The BDN reports 42 Maine children are living out of state in order to receive treatment they can’t access in Maine. Currently, the state has 330 residential treatment beds for kids with mental illness, autism, and intellectual disabilities, but they’re either filled or unavailable.

Maine forestry officials will be in Northern Maine tonight for a public meeting about the discovery of an invasive and destructive pest just recently found in Madawaska. The emerald ash borer kills most species of ash trees and has devastated forests in other states. The discussion tonight at the Frenchville Community Center will be about emergency stop movement orders on some wood products.

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