The Maine CDC reports there have been 2,637 cases of COVID-19 so far in the state, which is an increase of 31 since the previous day. 2,023 residents have recovered for an increase of 31. Governor Janet Mills on Wednesday extended the state of civil emergency until July 10th, which will continue to draw down federal resources to respond to COVID-19.

Puritan Medical Products officials clarified this week the reason the swabs made during President Trump’s visit were thrown away. Contrary to a social media rumor that blamed it on the president’s lack of face covering, officials say it was the amount of people, altogether in the space that prompted them to decrease the amount of swabs produced during the demonstration. The company that manufactures swabs for COVID-19 testing made up the day’s production over the weekend.

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services is spending nearly a million dollars in federal funds on supporting mental health issues related to the pandemic. Some of the benefits will include support for those diagnosed with the virus and supporting the front line warm line.

Bangor residents will soon begin receiving new 96 gallon trash bins, as part of a new trash collection system. The city has contracted with Casella to collect the trash with trucks that use a hydraulic arm to empty the bins. Those trucks will begin running on June 29th.

Bar Harbor’s Chamber of Commerce and its board of directors has rejected the governor’s alternative plan for visitors to avoid the 14 day quarantine. They say the availability of testing in other states and the chance for being infected while traveling make the plan unrealistic. Instead, they’re considering replacing it with testing of frontline employees who deal with large numbers of visitors.

The town of Orrington announced this week that several of its Old Home week events will take place this year, including the Endless Yard Sale. During the weekend of July 17th, residents all over the community will hold the outdoor sales. Find more information on the Orrington Old Home Week Facebook page.

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