Puritan Medical Products has released a statement, explaining why the products manufactured during President Donald Trump's recent visit were thrown away.

Administrators of the company that manufactures the swabs used in COVID-19 testing are clarifying why the products made during Trump's visit last week had to be thrown away. Rumors were circulating on social media that it was because the president wasn't wearing a mask, but officials say it was more about the amount of people present, in the facility, when the demonstration was conducted.

The statement explains the decision to dispose of the products was made in advance of the visit, since officials understood there would be security and media personnel, as well as state and municipal representatives in the building.

Administrators planned ahead, presenting a 15-minute demonstration of how the operation works which limited the number of swabs that were manufactured, and the amount of product that would be destroyed. Once the visit was over, the facility was given a thorough cleaning and completely sanitized before production resumed. Company officials also pointed out that the swabs are sterilized after production.

Puritan's manufacturing schedule was altered for the week that the president visited, so the time missed by his tour and the subsequent cleaning of the facility was made up on the weekend.

The statement talks about how grateful the company is that their efforts to provide the swabs was recognized by the president. Company officials say they're grateful for the hard work of their employees, calling them "quiet heroes."

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