A Bangor man is facing charges after a botched robbery attempt at Shaw’s on Main Street in Bangor. Police say 69-year-old George Gatcomb claimed to have a firearm when he passed a note to an employee, demanding money, just before 8:30 on Friday morning. Police arrived within minutes of the call and found Gatcomb outside the building, unarmed, where he was arrested and charged with robbery.

The LGBTQ community is Maine is expressing concern this week after Governor Paul LePage vetoed a bill that would’ve banned state-licensed therapists from engaging in conversion therapy, which is the practice of trying to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The governor says he feels it could harm parental rights and the work of faith-based counselors but Equality Maine officials say the practice can cause long-term psychological harm.

The town of Bridgton has closed the Woods Pond Beach in response to 18 people getting sick after swimming there. Water tests will be conducted today to determine if there’s something wrong with the water. The Maine CDC advises always showering before and after swimming in lakes and ponds and to never ingest the water.

It’s almost time for Maine’s bear hunters to head into the woods with bags and bins full of sugary treats like donuts. Bait can be laid out in the woods starting on July 28th, with the actual season set to begin on August 27th. There have been dozens of complaints this year about nuisance bears, which is typical for Maine in the spring and summer.

The Bangor Drive-in isn’t just for movies anymore. Now, the owners are hosting a flea market every Sunday morning from eight to two, with a variety of vendors for folks to peruse for bargains. The practice of using drive-ins for flea markets is popular across the country, especially in the south.

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