Governor LePage started his week by vetoing 22 bills, including the one that would fund the Downeast Correctional Facility. In his veto message, the governor called the prison antiquated and unnecessary. He’s also vowed to veto a Medicaid expansion bill, but that wasn’t included in the proposals on Monday.

The holiday week isn’t elevating gas prices, which is good news for anyone who’s traveling. GasBuddy’s daily survey of gas outlets in Maine found that average prices have remained unchanged in the past week, at an average of two-eighty-three per gallon. The national average has dropped nearly 11 cents in the last month to  two-eighty-four.

Mainers are reminded to be legal and safe while using fireworks tomorrow. Check your municipality’s regulations on fireworks before shooting any off and make sure to use them according to factory specs. Pet owners should keep their animals in a cool, quiet room during any festivities and leave them at home when attending the fireworks, because they’re apt to get spooked and take off.

The folks at Manna in Bangor are handing out bottled water to anyone in need, during the current heat wave and opening early each day to offer respite out of the sun. Donations of individual bottles can be dropped off at Manna, in the old brick church, corner of Union and Main Streets in Bangor.

Independence Day celebrations are planned around the state, including a pancake breakfast in Brewer at the auditorium on Wednesday, followed by a  parade that starts in Brewer at 11, free concert on the Bangor waterfront, and fireworks at 9:00. Bar Harbor’s blueberry pancake breakfast starts at 6 in the Athletic Field, with a parade starting at 10, a seafood festival, afternoon concert, and fireworks at 9:15.

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