Health experts are warning Mainers about the dangers of heat stroke, as the state continues to deal with extremely warm temperatures. Signs of heat exhaustion include dehydration and cramping and anyone who thinks they may be affected should get inside, drink fluids, and take a cold shower. If symptoms include confusion, seizures, or loss of consciousness, that’s heat stroke and they should seek medical attention immediately.

This week marks the change in Maine law that determines how old you have to be to buy cigarettes. As of July 1st, the age to buy any tobacco products and electronic cigarettes has been raised from 18 to 21 years old. Anyone who turned 18 before July 1st of this year will be grandfathered into the new law.

The battle over how to fund Medicaid continues while 80 thousand Mainers wait for the expansion that was approved by voters. Governor Paul LePage continues to block the expansion until lawmakers can provide answers as to how it can be funded under his terms. Lawmakers last month sent the governor a bill that he had vowed to veto.

Three Maine Maritime graduates will start in the Czech Republic later this month, and drive a three-wheeled car they bought on Facebook across Europe, Russia, and Mongolia in the ten thousand mile Mongol rally. The trio admit that it’s a little insane to attempt the race in the 1987 Reliant Rialto Saloon car, but say they’ll be raising fifteen hundred dollars for local non-profits.

A car show in Sedgwick this Saturday will benefit the local volunteer fire department. Proceeds from the day will help buy life-saving firefighting equipment. Find more information on the Facebook page for the Sedgwick VFD Car Show.

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