A man accused of killing his wife's 10-year-old daughter will change his plea to guilty, according to his attorney. Julio Carillo is charged with murder for the death of Marissa Kennedy. His wife, Sharon Carillo,is due to stand trial for murder in December.

Drivers are reminded to keep their eyes moving this time of year, as the warmer weather brings wildlife out of the woods. The Maine DOT says, motorists should pay special attention in any area with deer or moose crossing signs. The best defense is to slow down in those areas and scan the sides of the road for any sign of movement.

Bay Ferries announced this week that the start of service between Bar Harbor and Nova Scotia is delayed once again, due to construction and other issues. Customers who have purchased tickets will receive refunds, and Bay Ferries will cease taking reservations until the construction is complete.

Orrington residents voted to approve a plan yesterday that will build a new public safety building on Center Drive. The vote represents a compromise after voters denied a three-point-five million dollar proposal in December. It’s expected that construction will begin next month.

Mainers are rallying in support of a Forest Ranger who sustained head injuries when he jumped from a boat. Doctors for Dustin Pickering say his prognosis is good, but it will be a long road to recovery. A GoFundMe page has been set up in his name.

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