A Peru man has been charged with murder for the deaths of Heather Bickford and Dana Hill on New Year’s Day in Hill’s South Paris apartment. Police say the suspect, Mark Penley, is the one who called 911 and reported the deaths.  So far, police haven’t revealed how the couple died.

A special election will be held on March 12th to fill a legislative seat left empty by the selection of Representative Aaron Frey of Bangor to serve as Attorney General. Maine’s political parties will now caucus to choose candidates for the seat that covers parts of Bangor and Orono.

It’s peak season for carbon monoxide poisoning in Maine, so health officials are warning residents to take precautions, like keeping generators outside in well-ventilated areas and never working on any sort of engine inside a garage or shed, and having working CO detectors.  Hear more tips on avoiding CO poisoning on our Sunday morning program, Maine Concerns.

The city of Ellsworth is getting a ten thousand dollar grant to help fill its empty storefronts. The Maine Community Foundation grant is going to the Heart of Ellsworth, a group that works to promote the growth of the downtown area. The money will give the group more creative freedom to encourage the community to get involved.

Mailboxes are often casualties of winter storms, when they get struck by passing plows, but Bangor residents can get some satisfaction by having it replaced by the city. The mailbox must have been hit by the plow and not knocked down by the snow it’s pushing, and owners must report the damage within a week. Find more information on the policy at Bangor Maine dot gov.

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