Folks are invited to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr today, by joining in a march that will step off from in front of the YMCA MDI at 11:00 this morning. Other activities include remembrance ceremonies at several U-Maine campuses. State Offices, banks, and the post office are among the organizations that will be closed today.

Caribou Police are still looking for a suspect in a shooting over a week ago that left the victim with non-life threatening injuries. Officials say they don't believe Adrian Covington is still in Aroostook County, and caution Mainers to remain vigilant, as well as Mainers throughout the state. Anyone with information about Covington's whereabouts is asked to contact Caribou police.

State Police are reminding drivers to keep warm winter clothing with them at all times after a driver suffered frostbite following an accident in Dyer Brook. The man ran for a mile before finding anyone to help, and had to be treated for both frostbite and hypothermia. The driver had swerved to avoid something in the road.

The cost for parking in several lots in downtown Bangor may be going up in the next few weeks. A proposal is being considered by city officials that would raise the rate by 2 dollars for the Pickering Square Parking Garage, the Court Street parking lot, and monthly parking at the Bangor House. Officials say the rates haven't been increased in several years so it's a natural progression that they should be raised now.

Game Loft in Belfast hosted an event last week to teach kids and their parents how to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse. While that's not a likely emergency in real life, organizers say it’s a good example because it covers all the bases. They advise always having emergency kits in your home and car.

Airport officials at the Portland jetport have found a four-legged way to help keep travelers calm. Nine therapy dogs and their handlers roam the terminal, encouraging folks to give the dogs a quick rub. Maine is the fourth state to try-out the program.

A bartender from Old Orchard Beach will defend his title tonight on Jeopardy after winning over 21 thousand dollars on Friday's game. Dennis Coffey will be tending bar at Duffy's Tavern and Grill this evening, but says the TV will be on, and he hopes a lot of people will stop by to watch. The trivia fanatic tried out three times before finally landing a spot on the show.

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