The Warden Service is urging residents to use extreme caution on Maine’s waterways after a series of accidents has sent several snowmobiles plunging through the ice. Game wardens say at least twelve people have reported breaking through thin ice on snowmobiles in the last 3 days. Rain and warm temperatures last week have deteriorated ice conditions statewide.

Augusta Police say a registered sex offender is breaking no laws by taking pictures of young girls in public places and then posting the photos on social media. Police say they’re glad people are being vigilant and reporting what they see but, in this case, the individual is not on probation and has no restrictions that would make the activity illegal.

Widespread flu activity has forced the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland to change some of its normal practices, out of concern for the health of its parishioners. Church officials announced yesterday that its suspending the sharing of consecrated wine during communion and all activities that include the clasping or shaking of hands. In addition, priests are instructed to place the host into worshippers’ hands during communion instead of on their tongues.

Governor Paul Lepage says the Trump administration is blocking his latest effort to prevent the use of food stamps to buy soda and candy. A USDA spokesman told the AP it doesn’t want to pick winners and losers in the marketplace or pass judgement on the benefits of individual food.

A Florida real estate developer is the new owner of the former Macy’s building at Bangor Mall, but there’s still no word about what business is going in there. Lionheart Capital, out of Miami says more information will be available soon.

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