Some unusual clouds have been spotted over Maine recently that are adding a haziness to the air. WVII-TV reports the clouds are by-products of fifty active wild fires burning in Saskatchewan. The National Weather Service says the smoke is expected to stay high off the ground, and won’t impact air quality.

A lawsuit filed against the Poland Springs bottled water brand claims the company is lying to consumers with labels that claim it’s 100 percent spring water from Maine. The class action lawsuit alleges that the parent company, Nestle Waters North America, is bottling common groundwater that doesn’t qualify as spring water.

Cianbro’s Brewer manufacturing facility could be buzzing with activity next year, as the company says they have a contract that will likely mean new hires by spring. Company officials haven’t named the client or indicated how many people would be hired, but president Andi Vigues says they will once again be building modules. Previous module projects have employed up to 500 people.

It’s shaping up to be an amazing year for fall foliage, according to Yankee Magazine. Foliage experts say that for the first time in several years the conditions are perfect, with no drought, a mile summer, and leaves that have been largely spared by gypsy moths. They say the colors will really pop if September brings warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights.

The Orrington Fire and Rescue Association is holding its 7th annual Golf tournament on August 26th. It kicks off with a 4-man Scramble Shotgun start at 1:00 at the Rocky Knoll Country Club, with lunch provided. For more information, log onto the Facebook page for Orrington Fire dash rescue association.

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