A group of Ellsworth High school students saw history in the making yesterday as they watched Notre Dame cathedral burn, while on a school trip in Paris. Their teacher contacted school administrators who posted on the facility's Facebook page that the teens were safe and back at their hotel.

Bangor Police say they've received reports of counterfeit 50 and 100 dollar bills being circulated in the area. They warn residents that fake bills are often slightly smaller than real bills and lighter in color, plus they usually all have the same serial number. Anyone with information about the bills is asked to contact the police department.

A letter sent to retailers this week named Namdar Realty Group as the new owners of Bangor Mall. New York-based Namdar has similar properties in 29 states. In the letter, the current General Manager says she hopes the change will lead to growth for the mall.

An Ellsworth facility that helps families transition out of homelessness is benefitting from a block grant, that was originally only intended for single family units or municipal properties. City Councilors this week voted to allow the CDBG grant to help pay for a sprinkler system at the Families First Community Center, because it follows the guidelines of helping low to moderate income people.

Joan Benoit Samuelson ran her first Boston Marathon yesterday since 2015, and at 61-years-old continued to astound. Samuelson finished the course in 3 hours, 4 minutes...which is only 28 minutes and 45 seconds off her first victory 40 years prior. She said her goal was to get within 40 minutes of her original time, and she did it...with just over 11 minutes to spare.

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