Counterfeit Bills

The Bangor Police Department is warning residents and business owners about counterfeit bills that have been found in the area.

Sergeant Wade Betters says the department has received complaints from three different businesses after they received fraudulent $50 and $100 bills. Police say they have reason to believe this is not an isolated incident, and that there are likely more of these bills currently being circulated.

Officials advise residents, retail establishments, and financial institutions to double check any $50 and $100 bills that they receive. Sgt. Betters says counterfeit bills are often slightly different in size and off color when compared to authentic bills. They usually have the same serial number, as well.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about the person(s) responsible is asked to notify the Bangor Police Department. Anonymous messages can also be left on the tip line at 947-7384, option 5.

Police included pictures of two of the bills they received (above) and note that the particular bills are marked with Asian lettering and symbols. Other counterfeit bills do not contain these markings.

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