Yesterday was National Pet Day. Of course, isn't everyday Pet Day. So if you have a pet, your pet is the best and whatever type pet you have is the most popular. Actually here are some statistics and some pet photos from the Top 10 Most Popular Pets.

The second most popular pet in America is a cat.

Mara Radeva

Here kitty kitty. Yes cats are the second most popular pet, making a guess at number one pretty easy.

But first, let's back up again and go through the Top ten pets.  Close one of your eyes if you're squeamish for number ten.


Yes, 1% of pet owners in the country have a Tarantula.

Lizards are 9th on the list. Chameleon is a colorful lizard.


Guinea Pigs are next on the list of most popular pets. My kid brother had one. Sorry, not a fan. I had visions of him or her climbing all over me when I was asleep.  These 2 look cute though


Not so cute, at number 7 snakes. No way do I sleep tonight.


America's most popular pet list at number 6 is a horse. When I was a kid we visited my Grandparents farm every summer and they had a horse. We asked his name and my Grandfather said he didn't have a name, he's just the horse.  So he let us name him, and we selected Jim as a name. No idea why.

Cows are not on the list, but they should be.


Next comes Hamsters or Gerbils. Maybe that is what my brother had i was so paranoid about. Close your eyes and you'll smell the shavings in the bottom of the cage.


Birds are the 4th most popular pet. Here's a parakeet. I get nervous with birds flying around the house, but I love them outside in the wild.


We are into the Top 3. The most popular pets list includes fish.

Number 2 are the cats above.  Some fun facts about pets before we get to number one on our countdown. 10% of us say our pets are our best friends. And hopefully you got to hang out with your 'best friends' yesterday for National Pet Day. One in Ten of us admit to talking to their pets. (Wanna bet more actually do, but didn't admit it). Does your pet answer you when you talk to them.

Here's number one. Dogs

Aimee Huotari
Wiley Selfie/Townsquare Media Bangor

What does this dog think of the fact we didn't feature him in the photos.


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