If there are this many different meetings, they must care about what residents think and the meetings must be important.

The American Rescue Plan Act, ARPA, is sending approximately $20 million to Bangor.

And the city of Bangor wants feedback.

The Bangor City Council is looking for ideas on how residents feel the money should be spent. Attending just one of the meetings will get you the information on the possibilities that the city must spend the money on.  And the ways they are not allowed to direct the money towards.

Federal money mostly comes with those types of restrictions but, $20 million is a sizeable amount of money. If you have any thoughts, be heard. The city is trying to identify what priorities residents feel the money should be directed towards.

The city has scheduled four different meetings.

If you have an idea, you can attend a public session that is being offered in different locations at different times. Attend even if you are just curious about what is to come.

There are four neighborhood sessions scheduled and they will be informal and conversational in nature.  No idea is a bad idea, and this is not the place to argue or complain.  Just a group of fellow citizens with ideas that they want to be heard.

Staff from the city will be there to provide information on programs and services, and if you have a question you can submit it to arpa@bangormaine.gov

Here are the dates and times of the scheduled brainstorming sessions.

City Meetings ARP

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