According to a press release from the Bangor Humane Society, there's an urgent call to the area, for more/new pet adopters to help ease their housing burden. Summertime is apparently a busy intake season for them, and right now they need your help in getting these doggies and kitties into forever homes.

They currently have over 100 animals in house steadily, and many in foster care outside the facility as well. They also just took in another dozen or so dogs from other areas that will be up for adoption as well. So this could be a really great time to get a new member of the family, and they've taken some steps to help ease the burden on you as well:

In an effort to find new homes for their current adoptive pets and to help the many more waiting in need of rehoming, the Bangor Humane Society is reducing the fee for adult cats 1 year and older to $50 and has discounted select long term resident dog adoption fees by 50%.  All adoption fees go toward the care of the many animals that find temporary residence at the Humane Society.  The discount program is effective until further notice.

So again, now could be the time to add to your existing fur babies, or get your very first! I think we can all agree, that having pets around makes everything better. Going fishing? Who doesn't love the extra company? Going on a long car ride? Fido would love that too. Want some nice quiet company around the house? Cats are always a good way to go.

At any rate, if you've been on the fence about adopting a new pet, now may be the time. They've taken some really awesome steps to make it easier to adopt, and they could really use the help. Plus, all the animals are microchipped, up to date on their shots, spayed/neutered, and behaviorally evaluated. It seems they've done the hard part, so it's your turn, if you can help.

See them to day at 693 Mt. Hope Ave in Bangor, or check out all the cuties at

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