The folks over at Cake Concoctions in Downtown Bangor were presented with quite the opportunity. They were asked by Bryan's wife Caroline if they could make a cake for his 40th birthday.

The cake would be seen by A LOT of people because the plan was to present it on stage at his show at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion Sunday night, since the show fell right on Luke's day of birth!

The team at Cake Concoctions was up for the challenge. The cake featured a picture of Luke's head photo-shopped onto the body of a Chippendale's dancer coming out of a three tiered cake decorated in flames.

The entire staff was offered tickets to the show and backstage passes to meet Bryan. They even got a pic with him and of course the legendary cake backstage.

I know he is spoken for but for what it is worth I certainly wouldn't mind getting my photo taken with the fine slice of man cake.