An assisted living facility on Ohio Street in Bangor is offering area parents a safe place for their children to go trick or treating.

Unless you live in a residential neighborhood where you know everyone, it can be very tough finding a place you trust to take your kids trick-or-treating. It's just not like it was when I was a kid, where you knew all the families and didn't worry about who was opening the door.

So the folks at Winterberry Heights Assisted Living and Memory Care in Bangor are inviting parents to bring their kids to a Safe House for trick-or-treating. About 100 residents will be there to greet the kids and hand out candy, something the facility's administrators say they look forward to all year long. "They absolutely love the chance to pass out candy and see everyone's costumes," one administrator said in a press release. "It truly brightens their day!"

What a great win-win situation! The residents get to visit with a bunch of excited children, and the kids have a safe and warm place to fill their bags.

For more information about the Winterberry Heights Assisted Living and Memory Care community, and their trick-or-treating safe house, call (207) 942-6002 and ask to speak to Nicole Matson. Winterberry Heights is located at 932 Ohio Street in Bangor.

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