Let me tell you up front, I don’t like clowns. This story gave me the heebie jeebies. An Auburn woman sitting on her porch scared off a clown in the back seat of a vehicle pointed his finger at her and mouthed the word ‘bang’ . According to the Sun Journal she then picked her legal 9mm and said ‘Back at ya, clown’ and the clown car sped away.

This woman is my hero.  This is like a scene out of a movie.

The car rolled up in front of her home, the back seat window rolled down and the person in full on clown make up was in the back seat. .  At first she thought it was a joke, since we are so close to Halloween.  The clown pointed at her with a ‘finger gun’ and said ‘bang’ .  That is when she picked up her gun that according to the Sun Journal she owns legally and said ‘back at ya, clown.’

She reported to the police. But in the Sun Journal story she is quoted about how with all the recent clown sighting and this sort of thing happening in an area with families, she is worried something bad could happen with all of this.

I agree.


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