Auburn Police say the overnight standoff has been peacefully resolved but some residents still need to wait before getting home.

What Prompted the Standoff?

It all started when a man allegedly fired a shot at a vehicle as it drove by a home on Gillander Avenue in Auburn. No one was hurt but the bullet did hit the vehicle, according to WGME-TV. Officials say the two people know each other, which police say is important to note. This was not a random shooting, but a dispute between two people who are familiar with each other.

How Long Has It Been Going On?

Auburn Police first reported a large police presence in the area of Gillander Avenue on Monday afternoon. They said that some of the neighbors have been evacuated while others were being told to shelter in place, until the situation could be resolved. Portions of several streets have been closed during the standoff. Monday evening, police encouraged residents who had been evacuated to find overnight accommodations and offered to help with information about hotels that could give them a reduced rate.

It was early Tuesday morning when Auburn Police once again offered an update, stating that the incident on Gillander Avenue remained an active scene. Communication had been established with the suspect, but police said that he was not being very cooperative. Those residents who had been told to shelter in place are urged to continue to stay put until the situation is resolved.

What's the latest?

Late Tuesday morning, Auburn Police say the situation was peacefully resolved and the suspect was taken into custody. No one was hurt in this incident, including the subject of the standoff. Police say Park Avenue is now open to all traffic and residents of that street can safely return to their homes.

However, Gillander and Gamage Avenues are still closed while police process the scene. For the time being, residents of these two streets should NOT try to return to their homes. Updates will be forthcoming about when those two Avenues will be reopened.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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