A marathon runner from Kenya had to run for his life this week when he encountered black bears in the woods near his Auburn home.

Moninda Marube says he goes on training runs through the woods near his home every day, and never really thought about coming across dangerous wildlife. But on Wednesday, he did just that when he happened upon two black bears on the Whitman Spring Road Trail.

He said there was a brief stare-down before he did what comes naturally and ran. Wildlife experts tell you not to do this because the bears will give chase, which is exactly what happened. Marube came across a camp and was able to make his way onto the screen porch. Although they probably could have broken through the screen, the bears ran off together into the woods.

The Maine Warden Service says it's best to try and intimidate the bears, making yourself as big and scary as you can, yelling and screaming loudly. The animals are likely to turn and leave rather than tangling with you.

But for a man who runs professionally, his instincts worked out for the best. Marube told WCSH-TV that it was God, not his feet, that saved him.

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