And you get to vote on which one today and tomorrow.

This great idea started a few weeks ago with dozens and dozens of area charities vying for a major bonus to do more of the good work they do. Now the number of potential ‘winners’ of the donation has been narrowed down to the final group, thanks to your votes.

Again this year, Machias Savings Bank is working with the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce and presenting an award donation to an area non-profit in the amount of $5,000.

If you have ever been involved in any charity/non-profit work, funds are so precious. You know the old saying about not being able to do much without money. Or maybe more accurately so much more can be done with some money. Machias Savings Bank has been doing this donation for five years.

It is time to vote again.  This is it. Who gets $5000 to help their charity?  Vote now on the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce website. Vote now, voting will end tomorrow.

The recipient of the $5,000 non-profit award presented by Machias Savings Bank, will be announced live at the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting on January 28th.

So many deserving non-profits, be sure to go back to the site each day and vote.

And a shout out to all the non-profits and charities, still on the list or not. Thank you for all the important, inspiring work you do in our community often with little acknowledgment.

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