There is too much wooded area in the state of Maine….said no one ever.

What a joy it is to get into the woods, no matter the season.

Get off the roads when it snows, and come on along on a walk in the woods with me.

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Weekends for some are catch-up time. Get errands done. Deal with the kids and their basketball practices. Shopping. Cooking. Planning for the week ahead. Lots to do.

Trust me, I do not take It for granted that I get to do what I do most every Sunday morning, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each and every walk in the woods is appreciated. By me and the dog.

Thanks for joining me. This is at the near end of the walk. The start of the walk is what I should have been videoing, Wiley runs a hundred miles an hour ahead, and then comes back just as fast. Assume it is to check on me and to wonder what is keeping me and why am I falling so far behind.

The video was shot a mile or so into our trek. And up to that point I had enjoyed every crunchy step in the fresh snow. Nothing like the snow in the trees to look at during the jaunt.

Enough of me rubbing it in that I have it easy when it comes to weekend chores and I get to do what I do. Here’s to more leisurely moments for all of us, and a greater appreciation for what is in our backyards here in Maine.

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