Ok, I thought this was just a thing for southern states. And by no means am I saying it's an epidemic, but wild boars in Maine?! That's crazy, right? I thought so until I saw that police in Buxton were putting the word out that there were feral pigs in the area that needed to be avoided, according to WGME - TV13.

There's a good side to this, but also about a million bad sides. The only good I could see coming of it, is that if the problem gets severe enough, it could potentially open up a hunting season for wild boar. If you've never had it....oh boy... you're missing out. But, they are a wildly invasive species that wrecks just about everything in their path.

They do everything from destroy crops, to attack people, and just about everything in between. It makes me feel a little less safe in the woods knowing they're out there. In other states, you don't usually have to fear aggressive predators, but if the wild boars are out there, they are not to be messed with. This isn't Wilbur or Babe.

If you do see one anywhere, you should contact local authorities. Hopefully, this is a fairly isolated incident. But if isn't, Maine could be in for some big trouble. Only time will tell.



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