If you had told me even just a couple of years ago that I would have any particular fondness for birds, I likely would've laughed right directly at you. But the summer before last, my wife bought a hummingbird feeder. and one day, when I was hanging out on the deck by myself, a hummingbird came up to the feeder, which happened to be about four feet away.

I sat as quiet and still as I could for a full two minutes, just watching the tiny bird drink its fill. I think I made a sound of some kind, and it darted outta there fast as a shark. Fast forward to this spring in our new house, and we went out and got a small army of feeders. There's one on the deck, and a couple in trees. And I also have another hummingbird feeder.

So far, all I've seen is one male ruby-throated and several females. I haven't seen any rufous hummers yet. I've also seen black capped and arboreal chickadees, a yellow warbler, a couple goldfinches, and a red-bellied woodpecker. And others too, but I haven't been able to fully identify those yet.

My wife pretty much makes fun of me constantly, because I'm always standing at the patio door now, staring out at my feeders to see what's shakin'. Funny thing is, now I catch her doing it, and now she's started hollering to me when she sees something new and exciting on the feeder. I'll turn her into a birder yet.

So yeah, here I am. Six foot two, covered in tattoos, listening to music at inappropriate volumes, while I stare out my window. Looking for hummingbirds. And proud of it.

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