Yeah, you read that right. There's even a bunch of caskets just lying around (no pun intended...sorta) if you wanted to feel like you were part of the scene. But so you don't feel like the vibe is straight out of horror movie, it was also a post office, and a working water mill, according to the ad.

It also looks like it has some pretty solid space on the inside for living. And at only $85,000, you could certainly put a smidge of cash into it, and make it something super cool. It already is, but it could really be elevated to the next level. But the fact that you could brag to everyone that it used to be a casket factory is a big bonus.

Scope some of the cool photos!

Bryant Pond Casket Mill

Everything about this place just oozes Maine charm. From the cluttered mill, to the old pictures on the walls, to the plastic and tar paper covering the back. It just needs some love and dedication from someone to put it back to it's former glory. Or, go all the way in the other direction, and turn it into a scary casket mill. Halloween will be awesome.

Again... at $85,000, how could you go wrong? Unless of course, it's wicked haunted. Then everything will go wrong. But hey... at least you'll have a casket!

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