A Winthrop teenager who claimed struggles with gender identity caused her to murder her parents, is sentenced to prison.

Andrew T. Balcer, who is transgender and now refers to herself as Andrea Balcer, was sentenced on Tuesday to 40 years in prison, for the murder of her parents in their family home. Balcer turned 20 years old on Monday, but was 17 at the time of the deaths, during the early morning hours of Halloween in 2016.

Alice Balcer was the first victim, stabbed nine times in the back with a hunting knife. When her husband, Antonio, heard her screams he ran to the bedroom and was also fatally stabbed. Andrew, as he was identified at the time, then stabbed the family dog, but spared his brother, who ran from the house.



Centralmaine.com reports Balcer apologized to the family members who sat in the courtroom and asked for their forgiveness. Balcer claimed that she had struggled with her gender identity and that her parents were not supportive. She also claimed to have been abused by her mother. But Balcer's brother told authorities that his parents were caring and supportive people who would have understood. Many family members asked the court to impose the maximum sentence.

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