Dear Mother Nature, have you forgotten what autumn is supposed to be about, or are you in that big a hurry to get to winter?

Ma, you know that I don't like to complain. I grew up in Maine and so I'm used to the short summers and long winters. Traditionally, we've had transition seasons, as well, but I'm starting to think they've slipped your mind. Either that, or you have a bunch of new sweaters that you just can't wait to put on.

According to Merriam-Webster, autumn is the season between summer and winter, extending from the September Equinox to the December solstice. Now, we all know that autumn weather doesn't last into December in Maine, but would it be too much to ask to make it two, maybe three weeks into October? When I got up this morning (and granted, I get up really early), my commute was delayed by the frost on my windshield. I had to preheat my car, so that I'd be able to see all the scampering deer in search of falling apples. And now, you're threatening us with the first snowfall of the year and it's only October 3rd. Come on!

A couple weeks ago, folks going to the Common Ground Fair were wearing shorts and flip flops because temperatures were climbing into the 80s. And this morning, I was layering a long-sleeved t-shirt under a long-sleeved shirt, and putting on a coat so I wouldn't freeze in the 34 degree pre-dawn air. Really? Can we get a handle on things here? I want to pick apples without gloves. I want to wear a sweater without a coat and take pictures of brightly-colored leaves. What I don't want is to put my ice scraper in my car, just in case you decide to turn up the air-conditioning.

Is it too much to ask to let us enjoy autumn for more than a week? Please?

We anxiously await your reply,

The hopeful residents of Maine

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