Mainers, like me, who buy a lot of things on Amazon will see a change soon when Amazon starts charging sales tax.

I'm on Amazon all the time. Since I own a Fire tablet, I subscribe to Amazon Prime, which means that, not only do I have access to streaming television shows, movies, and books, but I also get free shipping. So, when I think of a hard-to-find DVD that I want to buy or a household organizational item, I'll turn to Amazon. But soon it will cost a little more.

As of April 1st, Amazon will start tacking on a 5.5% Maine sales tax to purchases shipped to Maine addresses. According to the WMTW-TV, Maine is currently one of only six states where sales tax is not charged for Amazon purchases.

The reason for the change is actually beneficial to local businesses, as it's meant to level the playing field. In other words, if folks are going to pay sales tax on Amazon, just like at locally owned businesses, it will hopefully encourage them to shop locally rather than online.

The BDN reports there's no official confirmation yet from Amazon or Maine Revenue Services that the change is, indeed, taking place.

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