Anyone with breathing problems or allergies will want to be aware of more smoke headed our way, from the West.

About a week ago, I suddenly developed a cough. In this day and age, that's pretty scary. So I was relieved to read that smoke from the wildfires in Western Maine and Canada was hanging over Maine, causing breathing problems for many. A couple of days later, my cough cleared up, and I could breathe easily again. I don't have asthma or COPD. But I am affected by seasonal allergies, which apparently were not impressed with all the smoke.

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Monday afternoon, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection issued the warning again that particle pollution concentrations were beginning to rise in the state, due to those western wildfires. The smoky haze began in the Western mountains of Maine early Monday morning and will spread throughout the state during the day. It's expected to stay high overnight and through much of the day on Tuesday. The good news is, it's expected to move out Tuesday evening.

Until then, officials say children, healthy adults who exert themselves, and anyone with asthma, bronchitis, or COPD is advised to take some precautions, including avoiding strenuous outdoor activity; closing house windows; and using a fan or air-conditioner to cool indoor spaces. More information can be found on the Maine Department of Environmental Protection's website.

Healthy adults are urged to check on their elderly neighbors and family members to make sure they're not suffering from breathing issues.

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