A special 5-year-old not only bought a valuable piece of equipment for the local fire department, but is now collecting pet food for those in need.

Brady Emerson is not your typical kindergarten kid. He has a Facebook page, Brady's Place, that he uses to sell produce that he grows, along with some crafty items that he makes, with the help of his Mom and Dad. Jim Emerson is Brady's Dad, and is also a member of the Addison Volunteer Fire Department.

Last week, the department answered a call from a man who said his wife had fallen through the ice while chasing their dog. The woman had pulled a kayak out with her for safety, and firefighters ended up using the kayak to pull her to safety. The woman and dog are going to be fine, but it got Brady thinking about how valuable a bright orange life ring would be to the firefighters. So he sold all his old toys, that he doesn't use anymore, and bought the piece of equipment for $59, donating it to the department.

Now, Brady's working on his next project. For his upcoming birthday, he's collecting donations of pet food, that will be given to a local animal shelter. Find more information about to donate on at Brady's Place on Facebook.

Good luck with your donation drive, Brady, and we hope you have a great birthday!

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