The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against Governor LePage over the use of a Facebook page.

At issue is the alleged blocking of people who disagree with the Governor on his official Facebook page and removal of their comments. The American Civil Liberties Union of Maine has filed the suit on behalf of two females who say their First Amendment Rights were violated. ACLU lawyer Meagan Sway said in a media release, "Free speech  must be protected from government censorship on Facebook just as it is in any other public forum."

Governor LePage says the Facebook account is a political page, but the ACLU responded by saying that he has posted on the page in his official capacity. Censoring constituents on social media has become a pressing issue nationwide, according to the ACLU.

The organization has filed similar lawsuits against Republican Governor Matt Bevin and Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. President Donald Trump is also being sued for blocking people on Twitter, although that suit is being pursued by the Knight First Amendment Institute.

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