Many of the victims of today's multi-car crash on I-95 in the Carmel area are being taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center for treatment. The hospital instructed us as to how family members can get information about their loved ones.

As of 10 o'clock this morning, EMMC has received 11 patients in the Emergency Department. All patients are said to be in good to fair condition.

Community members who believe their loved one has been involved in the crash and may have been taken to the hospital can call the Red Cross at 561-6197. Once a patient has been confirmed to be at EMMC, community members can check on their status by calling 973-8101.

A gathering area has been set up at EMMC to accommodate family and friends of patients who may arrive at the hospital. At last report, there have been no fatalities as a result of the accident that may have involved more than 40 vehicles this morning.

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