A heartbreaking, touching Facebook post from the wife of Corporal Eugene Cole gives a glimpse of his last hours, and offers thanks to a compassionate community.

It's hard to imagine the hell that Sheryl Cole and the entire Cole family have gone through over the past few days. The loss of their loved one in the line of duty is devastating enough. But to then endure a four day manhunt for the man police say is responsible for his death must have been horrible. It would be easy to lash out, to show anger and bitterness in the face of senseless tragedy.

But Sheryl opted to show gratitude to everyone who reached out, to the law enforcement officers who worked so hard to find Gene's killer, and to the media who covered the story but didn't intrude on the family's privacy.

She gave me permission to share this post with all of you, to help her spread her words of thanks to everyone involved. And to put the spotlight on what a good man her husband was, instead of one more story about the man who took his life. And it is my honor to do just that. The post is long, but worth the read.

Our sincerest condolences to the entire Cole family, and all of Gene and Sheryl's friends. And our thanks for his service to our state. May he rest in peace.

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