An elderly man died after being hit by a vehicle while crossing a Fairfield Street.

Have Police Released the Identity of the Deceased?

The deceased has been identified as Gerald Longstreet, 85, of Fairfield. Officials say he had been crossing Main Street when he was hit by a Subaru Crosstrek, driven by Derek Goodwin, 61, of China.

Was the Driver Hurt?

It was approximately 6:13 Thursday night when Fairfield Police responded to a report of a crash in the area of the Village Market and Belanger's Drive-in. Officials say the incident involved a vehicle and a pedestrian who suffered serious injuries. Mr. Longstreet was transported to the Emergency Department at Maine General Hospital in Waterville, where he was pronounced deceased a short time later. Mr. Goodwin was not hurt in the incident.

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How Did This Happen?

An investigation into the circumstances of the crash determined that Mr. Longstreet had been crossing Main Street between to two businesses, outside of the crosswalk, when he was hit. Police say Longstreet was wearing dark clothing at the time of the crash and that, coupled with the lighting and weather conditions, meant that Goodwin could not have seen Longstreet in the roadway in time to avoid hitting him.

Fairfield Police say no charges are anticipated at this time and Mr. Goodwin is cooperating fully with investigators.

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