Spring in Maine means it's also wildfire season, so residents are reminded to use caution with any outdoor burns.

I remember when I was growing up, we had a small field behind our house that burned every year. While my Mom always loved the smell of grass fires, the proximity to our own yard always made her nervous. Now that I live in the woods, I understand that uneasiness all too well. This time of year, when we hear a fire truck siren stopping near our house, all the neighbors come out to see what's going on. Is it a wildfire? Is it close to us?

Maine Forest Rangers have been busy, in recent days, fighting multiple wildfires around the state. On Tuesday, a post on the department's Facebook page gave the details of a 23-acre fire in Trescott Township. No structures were threatened, in this fire, but that's not always the case.

Some wildfires are started by natural causes, like lightning strikes. But others are the result of negligence, and that's where residents can help prevent them.

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