First, the photo was taken by a co-worker in his, or her, garden.  But I’m a steel trap.  Do not even try to get it out of me.

The change in attitudes towards weed in the past few years is unreal.  Not necessarily that more people are into it, but more that people don’t really care anymore if someone is into marijuana. Did I spell that correctly.

It wasn’t that many years ago that very liberal citizens who wanted to change the laws were in the minority. But now, even politicians are saying legalize it and de-criminalize it.

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The change in attitude is really across all demographics.  Nationally, almost two-thirds of people say weed should be legal and people should not be getting criminal charges over it. Young people especially feel that way, but so do senior citizens.  57% of those 65+ say it should be legal, and only 28% say it should not be legal.  Those under 30?  62% say legal, 19% say no. Numbers don’t add up to 100 because it is 4 20 and you have been at it. (Actually there are a lot of people who answered I don’t know) Here’s those numbers.

The trend is similar in Maine to the national poll.  And 20% of us have a more relaxed attitude to usage especially since the beginning of the pandemic last year.

Soon there will be a line-up at the Department of Motor Vehicles getting a Maine vanity plate saying GANGA or BONG or ISIT420.

How about a bribe and I’ll tell you the co-worker.  Of course, it is 4 20 2021, so who really cares anymore.

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