Is it yours?

Found money. Lots of it. Yours for the taking, if it’s actually for you. The state of Maine has an unclaimed property official website. It’s yours to check if you might have a surprise coming your way that you didn’t know about.

So how much money is in the unclaimed property bank account and waiting for you? How does almost $293 million dollars.  $292,685,498.

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And it is not a scam.

Maybe you forgot about a bank account with money in it. Or you inherited property or an inheritance and they couldn’t find you. Many different reasons.

The average amount is $585, but still well worth a look, right.

Here’s the link for the free and easy look. Just enter your name. And maybe your friends names.  And relatives too. If you know someone that is on the list wouldn’t it make their holiday if you let them know about it.

This is from the Maine State Treasurer

Each and every year, tens of millions of dollars go unclaimed by Maine residents. These financial assets are turned over by thousands of national and local businesses and organizations. My office holds these assets, free of charge, until claimed by the owner or heir. If you have time, help spread the word about this free service.

I entered the following names, just because that’s how I roll.

  • Isabelle Ringing.
  • Stu Pidaso.
  • Hugh G I forget his last name, think it starts with an R.,
  • Amanda Hugginkiss,
  • Anita Bath,
  • Hugh Jass,
  • Oliver Klozoff,
  • Seymour Butz,
  • Anita Askue
  • Mike Rowave

Sorry but I got carried away.   Great way to waste some time at work. Hope you get to do the same, and have better luck finding someone with new found money coming their way.

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