Tax day today. Thanks to April 15th being on the weekend this year, and Patriots Day being yesterday in Maine and Emancipations Day holiday in Washington D.C. yesterday as well, but today is the day.

The Grim Reaper has arrived. We all have to get them filed today or face the consequences.

And if you are not ready with your return this year, don’t just do nothing.

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If you haven't done taxes, file an extension.

By mail, or electronically. But if you know you are going to owe money, you don’t have to file the return if you file an extension but you do need to estimate what you’ll owe and pay that amount today. Even thought the actual return if you file the extension will not be due until October 16th.

Personally, my return was done a few weeks back and The Feds and the State of Maine already have the additional amount I owed. Here is to spending that money wisely.


Spring might be America’s favorite season, but there are still things we don’t like about it. And taxes are on the list. Right behind allergies, unpredictable weather, and mosquitos.

The text Tax Help appearing behind torn brown paper.

Ever wonder who lies to Uncle Sam?

What demographic is most likely to cheat on taxes? Conservative men between the ages of 30 and 44 who make more than $100,000 a year. That's who.

None of us celebrate paying taxes, but maybe those gentlemen need to be reminded that they are doing fine compared to most, and maybe they should be more inclined to pay what they actually owe, than to risk getting nabbed and punished.

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