New crime statistics show overall crime is down in Maine, including domestic assaults, but the number of homicides in 2017 increased.

The Department of Public Safety has released its crime stats for 2017, compared to the year before, which show that, overall, crime decreased last year by 8.2%. This is the sixth consecutive year that crime has dropped in Maine, for a total decline of 46.8% over the past six years. Public Safety Commissioner John Morris says the decrease is thanks to a 'team effort by law enforcement, prosecutors, the courts, and advocacy groups.' He says it's good news, however drugs are still a problem and the cause of much of the state's crime.

Some of the categories that saw lower numbers in 2017 include Robbery, Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Larceny-Theft, Arson, and Domestic Violence Assaults. This is the fifth year that Domestic Violence Assault numbers went down, with 10.8% fewer in 2017, compared to 2016. The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence phone number is 866-834-HELP and the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault's phone number is 800-871-7741.

Four categories, however, saw increases in 2017, including rape, assault, motor vehicle theft, and homicide. There were 21 homicides during 2017, compared to 18 murders in 2016. Nearly half the murders in Maine are due to Domestic Violence.

The statistics are compiled by the Uniform Crime Reporting Division at the Maine Department of Public Safety and are based on reported crimes from local, county, and state law enforcement agencies. UCR statistics show that 21,803 crime index offenses were reported to police agencies in 2017, compared to 23,748 during 2016, for an overall decrease of 8.2%.

 Six Year (2017-2012) Maine Crime Summaries

Maine Department of Public Safety
Maine Department of Public Safety

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